About Calamiteitenfonds

Calamiteitenfonds Reizen was founded in 1999 to compensate consumers for the extra costs during their trip due to a catastrophe (natural disasters or molest (acts of war and comparable)).

Under its guarantee scheme, the Calamiteitenfonds covers bookings made by consumers on the Dutch market with companies participating in the Calamiteitenfonds. On the Dutch market means that consumers should either be resident in the Netherlands, depart from the Netherlands or book on a .nl website of a participating company.

The Calamiteitenfonds makes payments in case such consumers suffer financial loss when their travel company cannot or may not (fully) perform the agreed services due to a catastrophe or an impending catastrophe. Moreover, if the trip is terminated early, the Calamiteitenfonds will reimburse the travel sum on a prorated basis as from the date the trip was terminated.

For this guarantee, consumers pay a fee of € 2.50 per booking (maximum 9 persons per booking).

Funding of Calamiteitenfonds
The guarantee provided by the Calamiteitenfonds is funded through:
1. The equity of the Calamiteitenfonds itself (annual report 2018 (in Dutch)). 
2. Consumer contributions.
3. Reinsurance.

The versions of our Guarantee scheme, Participants' regulations and Articles of Association valid from July 1st, 2018 are available here: 

Guarantee scheme
• Participants regulations (version 202001 will be available soon)
• Articles of association  (version 202001 will be available soon, or read this actual version in Dutch)

The new versions of the Implementation regulations - claim settlement and the Implementation regulations - consumer contribution will be published here in English as soon as they are (available and) translated. You can download the versions valid until June 30, 2018 here:

Implementation regulations – claim settlement

Implementation regulations – consumer contribution (or read the actual version in Dutch)

Please send us an e-mail if you need more information.